Shades are cool

Gotta wear shades so you'll look cool while kicking ass.
Conspiracy Rating: 3

The Getting-chased-in-a-crowded-area Scene

Batou(Motoko's partner) chases down a suspect down a crowded market area. In the Matrix scene, an Agent is also chasing Neo down a crowded market area. They also both happen to pull out a gun while in the crowd as well(not shown).
Conpiracy Rating: 8

Exploding Watermelons!

And in case you werent suprised by that, here is the real kicker.....

Both of these happened RIGHT AFTER that last scene as they were making their way out of the crowded market area. Bateu and one of the Agents both tried to take a shot at their target. They ended up missing and hitting some watermelons instead. A definite ode to Ghost in the Shell by the Watchoski brothers here. Conspiracy Rating: 9

Surrounded-by-a-buncha-of-guys-with-guns scenes

Both movies feature a squad of soldiers moving in. The first 2 pics show the first scene of Ghost in the Shell, as police surrounded a room of corrupt politicians; it looks similar to the sqaud of soldiers in the infamous Matrix hallway gun fight in the next 2 pics. Also notice the last pic is the very first scene of the Matrix, where a sqaud of police men surrrounded the room to arrest Trinity. The fact that the similar event happened in the beginning of both movies, makes me give a higher rating. Conpiracy Rating: 6

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