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Originally created on 12/11/2001

2/19/2008 - Author's Note: In the past 6 years, this site has been mirrored/copied by numerous fan sites even after I have taken the page down about about 3 years ago. Obviously, there are quite a number of people that still like to read this stuff. Therefore, due to popular demand, I have reuploaded this page to my site. Though I am not much of an anime watcher anymore, I still believe that flims like Ghost in the Shell are important because of its ability to influence and inspire other cultures and media. This is just one example of such a case. There are a number of philosphical similarities between these two movies that I could have delved deeper into. However, this project was originally created to show, purely for entertainment's sake, the visual differences between these two films. Please be aware that this "Conspiracy Rating" was just something I coined in order to add a sense of fun and intrigue. It is NOT meant to have any plagiaristic implications. In the end, it is up to the viewer to decide what these similarities mean. Please take it for what it is: "A Scene by Scene Comparison".

Ok so youve seen the both the Matrix and Ghost in the Shell, and you note there are some similarities. Even the Watchowski brothers themselves have specifically mentioned Ghost in the Shell on their list of Animes that have inspired them. But how similar are these two movies? Well with this page, I will attempt show them scene by scene. Some similarities are more striking than others, so i will have a Conspiracy Rating for each comparison topic, from 1 to 10. "1" being having no relevancy whatsover, and "10" being a blantant rip off. Remember that Ghost in the Shell was made about 4-5 years before the Matrix.

Keep in mind that this comparison is not to accuse or take anything away from The Matrix, which is in of itself a great movie, but to evaluate the similarities in these scenes. The conspiracy rating is just for fun and is based only on my opinion on how much these scenes are alike.

I grabbed all of these shots directly from the Ghost in the Shell and Matrix DVDs. Keep in mind that the large versions of each pic are Jpeg compressed, so do not represent the video quality of the DVDs.

Warning!!! Just let you know, there are a few(very few) scenes in Ghost in the Shell that contain mild nudity. Nothing graphic though.  - MonkeyGoD

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